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Consider These Window Styles for Maximum Airflow & Ventilation

Your windows are more than just a decorative item for your home, they also play a key role in controlling and regulating airflow and ventilation throughout. Spring is quickly approaching, which means you’ll be letting that fresh air circulate through your homes more often. Some window styles are better at ventilating the home than others so it’s important to pick the right style. In this post, Renewal by Andersen of Philadelphia will explain which windows to consider when looking at maximum airflow and ventilation.

Casement Windows
This window style is a common choice for traditional and more contemporary homes. They consist of one sash that cranks open completely. This design allows them to direct and control drafts effectively, as you can utilize 100% of the window opening to expel stale indoor air. When placed on two sides of your home without any barrier in between, they provide excellent cross-ventilation.

Double-Hung Windows
Ask any window contractor and they are sure to recommend double hung windows if you’re looking for maximum ventilation. This particular window has a unique feature that gives you versatility on how you ventilate your home. Opening the top sash lets in warm air while the lower sash ushers in cold air. You can also open both sashes for maximum cross-ventilation.

Sliding Windows
Also known as gliding windows, these are another window style designed for maximum ventilation. Their versatile design allows them to mesh with large, fixed units to provide welcome ventilation. This window style also has a strong airtight seal that can have a positive impact on the energy efficiency of your home.

Bay & Bow Windows
Considering that a bow window can be made of up to six casement or double-hung windows, a single bow can increase the airflow within the room significantly. The bay may be slightly smaller than the bow, but it’s bigger than most windows. The middle glass panel of a bay window is usually fixed, but the two operating flankers can help your room breathe in fresh air from two directions rather than one.

All Renewal by Andersen of Philadelphia replacement window products are backed by a strong warranty that covers both the product and the installation. If you have any further questions or concerns about any of our replacement window products, please give us a call!

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